peanut butter soba noodles

rich, creamy, spicy, sweet goodness. Read more…

holiday dinner: roast chicken with gravy, bacon yam apple hash, pimento mac and cheese, corn spoonbread

happy holidays!

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souped up broccoli (broccoli and cheese soup)

got a new immersion blender 🙂 Read more…


arancini are little fried balls of rice. i’m not sure if they’re ALWAYS made with risotto, but i can’t think of a yummier way! so with your amazing, delicious, scrumptious leftover cheese risotto, make arancini! Read more…

truffled three cheese risotto with rosemary mushrooms

my first time making risotto! i was a little worried about how it would come out, but all this dish is is a bit of an arm workout 🙂 super fancy, not too difficult, tastes rich without tons of cream and butter, and you can make arancini from the leftovers! YAY! Read more…

caramel chicken

i’ve been wanting to try to make real asian food for a while… but the ingredient list always scares me off because i don’t like keeping things in my valuable pantry space that won’t be used regularly. but i decided i should make room.

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i know what you’re thinking… “wow, she actually posted something.”

yes, i said i would start up again, multiple times.

no, i have not followed through 😦

so instead of writing long posts and babbling about nonsense, i decided to just post pictures with small blurbs about how to make them (if i remember) because let’s face it, city chicks don’t really have much time to cook AND write 😦

if i have time to babble about my cooking experience with the dish, i will… but i will no longer refrain from posting because i don’t have time to write more than the recipe 🙂 this is my promise.

today i had time to babble a little.

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