arancini are little fried balls of rice. i’m not sure if they’re ALWAYS made with risotto, but i can’t think of a yummier way! so with your amazing, delicious, scrumptious leftover cheese risotto, make arancini!

for every cup or cup and a half of leftovers, i would use 1 egg. mix the egg with the risotto.

mix some breadcrumbs and parmesan. i only had panko so i magic bulleted the panko to make it finer. season and put in a flat dish.

its gross, but make about golf ball size balls of the risotto-egg mixture. if you have the patience, put a little cube of cheese in the middle by forming the ball around the cheese. or be lazy like me and just add more fontina and gruyere into the mix 🙂

roll the ball in the breadcrumbs and press it in so there’s a nice coat.

if they seem too gooey and unstable, refrigerate for a while until they’re chilled.

deep fry in canola or vegetable oil until golden brown.

serve with marinara 🙂