easy as pie. and some extra pics for fun! (key lime pie)

mmm key lime pie

yeah, yeah… “citychickdoesNOTcook.com”. yes, i’ve been out of commission. for some time. um, a few months. but come on, cut me some slack! moving in NYC is NOT easy as pie (heh heh), and my laptop crashed, and i started teaching dance classes, {insert more excuses here}.

but enough excuses 🙂 now that i settled in a new place with a lovely kitchen, i’ll get back to it 🙂 one note though – i’m going to lighten things up. sorry guys, won’t be making the mac and cheese and fried chicken everyday anymore! this city chick is getting healthy 🙂 (well, healthIER)

on friday i decided to make a simple key lime pie for my roomies. just because i love them. then i found out… KP hates tart stuff and LP is on a health kick. so… more pie for me! 🙂

ps – my amazing roommate LP has this SICK slr she’s so graciously letting me use… so photos will now be 1000x better than the old ones 🙂 THANKS LP!
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bruschetta, second time around

i did the simple bruschetta already, but it’s been a while so i figured it couldn’t hurt 🙂 plus, this time i used some gorgeous heirloom tomatoes… so the picture is different.

i made some for dinner last night in our NEW kitchen (which i am deeply in love with) and served it in our NEW plates (which i am also in love with) for my roommate and i 🙂 she doesn’t like tomatoes, but even she liked this bruschetta. its SUPER simple – so give it a shot!

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i’ve been completely MIA! things have been really busy, with trips and birthdays and apartment hunting and pregnant siblings… i haven’t been cooking lately!

not my picture - Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

not my picture - Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

BUT, here’s a NYTimes article that can help hold you over (thanks RP!) that may explain why some people, including me, hate cilantro! =D yayy for food news!


Hope you all are eating well! I will return soon with some fun recipes 🙂

would you like some cheese with that whine? (broccoli with a wine-cheese sauce)

everyone’s childhood favorite dish was broccoli and cheese, right? 🙂 just kidding. although, it was one of my favorites… but that’s because i’m a “mouse” and love cheese. this is a fancy version of the traditional broccoli and cheese. very posh, but very easy and very yummy 🙂 it’s made with white wine (any kind you would drink) and good parmesan cheese.

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my thank you presents! (chocolate chip cookies)

so i was a part of this bollywood dance competition thing a couple weeks ago, and the winner was decided by number of votes.  i asked all my friends to vote for me, promising them cookies. little did i know that so many would actually vote and hold me up to it! haha 🙂

while at home in my beloved charlotte, NC, i made these chocolate chip, peanut butter chip and toffee cookies for my CLT friends as a thank you. i’m just going to call them krishna cookies. i was using the traditional toll house cookie recipe as a base (changing some things up as always!), but i actually messed it up. but they came out SO good… so my messup worked in my favor 🙂

being scared of baking from scratch (i’m almost over my fear!), and being the nerd that i am, i spent a good amount of time researching different techniques to make sure cookies come out perfect. i think they helped 🙂 i’ll share those tips with you as well.

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corny (easy jalapeno corn muffins)

a yummy way to jazz up a 69cent box of jiffy cornbread mix! with fresh jalapeno, pepper jack cheese and a surprise ingredient.

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colonel sanders wannabe (cajun chicken fingers, potato wedges)

yup! those plates say sushi 🙂 i need to go shopping.

chicken fingers and cajun potato wedges. ’nuff said.

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TWENTY minute meal! (cajun shrimp, haricot verts, lemon basil couscous)

yummers > yumm-o 🙂

i actually made this a week ago, but i haven’t had a free minute to post it! sorry about the delay.

anyways, i was inspired by the cajun shrimp appetizer at bubba gump. its delicious spicy garlicky shrimp in a buttery cajun broth served with crusty bread for dipping. i always order this as my entree because its sooo yummy!

so i tried to replicate it along with some lemon whole wheat couscous and haricot verts to balance out the spice. it wasn’t bubba gump’s shramp, but it was really good!

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c is for cookie! (easy peanut butter cookies)

watch out for the cookie monster

yesterday was national peanut butter day! if you know me, you know that i love my food days. surprisingly, this is the first time i’ve actually gone along with it 🙂 i should do it more often!

to celebrate national peanut butter day, i decided to make the most stupidly easy but also most delicious peanut butter cookies i’ve ever had. i was originally planning on making peanut noodles, but i was craving something sweet 🙂 so i had cookies and milk for dinner. ahh the perks of being a “grown-up” 🙂

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100% pure love (molten chocolate cakes with chantilly cream)

its 12 past midnight

here’s my valentine’s day present for you 🙂 it’s late i know, but in my defense, i was planning on making this since last weekend!

as i’ve said before, i’m not a baker. i like to play with flavors and make my own recipes. i don’t think i can create my own baking recipes – there’s too much chemistry involved with binders and all that. BUT! molten chocolate cakes are different because they’re not baked all the way through. and the quantity is much smaller, which is nice too 🙂 if i mess up, its not a complete disaster!

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