red velvet pancakes

muffins are an excuse for people to eat cake for breakfast. and so are these pancakes 🙂

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im back! (prosciutto-wrapped chicken, roasted cherry tomatoes, white wine sauce)

hopefully. i’ve been on a bit of a break since my computer crashed and my camera went missing…. but enough of my friends have convinced me that my beloved iphone pictures are good enough to keep blogging with. (even though they’re too yellow)

so, slowly but surely, here i am 🙂 maybe i can use my lovely roommate’s SLR once in a while…

when i was in seattle i had this amazing prosciutto-wrapped chicken dish, and decided to try to recreate it for dinner the other night for a friend 🙂 i made taleggio-stuffed chicken, wrapped with prosciutto with garlicky green beans, roasted cherry tomatoes and a simple white wine pan sauce with cremini mushrooms. lots of stuff.

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the naked cannoli (cannoli cream)

another super easy dessert, cannoli filling with berries 🙂

you can very easily just make cannolis out of this, but i don’t know where to get those shells… and whenever i eat a cannoli it just makes a mess. so i prefer the bowl and spoon method 🙂 feel free to top with whatever you like – chocolate chips, pistachos, other types of fruit, crumbled cookies, possibilities are endless 🙂

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guidettes? (penne alla vodka)

yeah, the show is trash. i actually refused to watch jersey shore until recently… but man, they have some funny one-liners in there! so i made italian for a couple friends and we watched season 2 of trash on tv.

the same ol appetizer because heirloom tomatoes are BEAUTIFUL in the markets right now, penne alla vodka, and a cannoli cream dessert which i’ll post about separately.

an unnecessary amount of pics in this post. see if you can guess which pics i took and which pics my roommate took. it won’t be tough 🙂 she’s an amazing photographer!

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my signature dish :) (indian-fusion roast potatoes)

this is a dish i created on a whim one weekend in durham. i was craving hash browns so i thought i would try to create something. if it turned out yum, then i could give my roomie some bfast 🙂 if not, oh well the potatoes needed to be used up anyways.

ps – usually i add some sweet corn kernels in here and/or mushrooms… the other night i was just lazy. use this as a base recipe for whatever you want to add 🙂

i was inspired by these hash browns, or home fries as they call them up here, that i had at brunch with my siblings here in nyc. this was a few years ago, and i was still in college so i was used to takeout chinese being a splurge meal. their home fries were the best i’ve ever had. until i recreated it 🙂 now its not really hash browns of home fries, but a roasted vegetable side dish that goes with everything. Read more…

CTM (chicken tikka masala)


back in NC on lazy sunday afternoons after crazy weekends, my friends (who i miss… a lot) and i used to order indian food from royal india and watch bollywood movies. i miss fob sundays 🙂 we had a bollywood sunday this past weekend, and ordered in CTM, which made me want to make it this week!

CTM = chicken tikka masala. as told to me by my bff AK, CTM is actually a british dish that was originally created with a can of campbell’s tomato soup. wow, i abbreviate a lot.

wherever it came from, its delicious. i love my mom’s recipe, so i use hers and tweaked it a bit. i made this last night for a few friends who recently started rotations for med school and of course, KP.

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easy as pie. and some extra pics for fun! (key lime pie)

mmm key lime pie

yeah, yeah… “”. yes, i’ve been out of commission. for some time. um, a few months. but come on, cut me some slack! moving in NYC is NOT easy as pie (heh heh), and my laptop crashed, and i started teaching dance classes, {insert more excuses here}.

but enough excuses 🙂 now that i settled in a new place with a lovely kitchen, i’ll get back to it 🙂 one note though – i’m going to lighten things up. sorry guys, won’t be making the mac and cheese and fried chicken everyday anymore! this city chick is getting healthy 🙂 (well, healthIER)

on friday i decided to make a simple key lime pie for my roomies. just because i love them. then i found out… KP hates tart stuff and LP is on a health kick. so… more pie for me! 🙂

ps – my amazing roommate LP has this SICK slr she’s so graciously letting me use… so photos will now be 1000x better than the old ones 🙂 THANKS LP!
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