i did the simple bruschetta already, but it’s been a while so i figured it couldn’t hurt 🙂 plus, this time i used some gorgeous heirloom tomatoes… so the picture is different.

i made some for dinner last night in our NEW kitchen (which i am deeply in love with) and served it in our NEW plates (which i am also in love with) for my roommate and i 🙂 she doesn’t like tomatoes, but even she liked this bruschetta. its SUPER simple – so give it a shot!

simplest and most delicious bruschetta you’ll ever eat

(sorry… no real measurements here!)

1 carton assorted mini heirloom tomatoes (zebra, orange, yellow, etc.)

1 normal red tomato

good quality olive oil

few stems basil

sea salt, grey salt, himalayan pink salt, fleur de sel, whatever type of good salt

fresh cracked black pepper

1 demi baguette

1 clove of garlic, peeled and top cut off

  1. roughly chop the tomatoes and seed a few if desired. place in a bowl.
  2. tear basil leaves and add to bowl.
  3. drizzle about 3 tablespoons (totally guessing here) over tomato basil mixture.
  4. liberally salt with good salt (don’t use iodized salt… you’ll taste the difference) and pepper.
  5. stir, and set aside.
  6. diagonally cut the baguette into 1/2 inch slices.
  7. heat a thin layer of olive oil in a pan over medium high heat.
  8. fry the bread slices on both sides, brushing with and adding more olive oil as needed. it will be needed.
  9. as soon as the bread is toasted, while its still hot, rub with the cut end of the garlic.
  10. spoon tomato mixture and juices over garlicky fried bread and devour 🙂