i rarely get to take pics in natural light!

i’ve experimented a lot with guacamole – with tomatoes, red onions, garlic, smooth, chunky, you name it. after much playing i realized the simpler, the better. 🙂

sorry, i don’t really have pics for this one 😦 i just quickly put it together and forgot to take a pic until i was done. i should have taken pics since i always cook at night and use artificial light. i would have more of a chance making it to tastespotting if i use natural light! but, unfortunately, i rarely cook on the weekends. so we’ll just have to wait till summer for the pics with natural light!

if you haven’t figured out the way you like your guacamole yet, give mine a try 🙂 everyone’s taste is different! its fun to experiment.

guac in HD

my fave guacamole

2 avocados

3-4 tablespoons chopped white onion

1.5 tablespoons minced fresh, not pickled, jalapeno (to taste)

2 wedges of lime

kosher salt

freshly ground pepper

combine all ingredients, squeezing lime on top.  smash to desired consistency.