so proud of my attempted food photography

i tried out a couple of dip recipes over the weekend. this post is about a chili-cheese dip, recipe courtesy of my coworker. it’s seriously the simplest thing i’ve ever made and a surefire crowd-pleaser. this is a great potluck item for superbowl or something, especially for those who don’t really cook or like to cook.

apparently the recipe is very popular, but it’s definitely worth mentioning and writing about because if i never heard of it, there are probably others who haven’t heard of it as well. it may seem sketchy because its so easy, but trust me, you’ll want to eat a pan of this on your own.

this dip is painfully simple, but it’s sooo good. it consists of 3 layers – cream cheese, chili and shredded cheese. if you want to make it more personalized, make the chili on your own! when my friends and i were heading to our board game night we had about 15 minutes to make something, so this was perfect and making chili on my own was out of the question.

thank you S for grating the cheese so nicely, and KP for plopping the chili into the pan!

thank you S for grating the cheese so nicely, and KP for plopping the chili into the pan!

get a round cake pan, 8 or 9 inch is fine. i greased the pan with some butter, although i dont think its necessary since the dip will be scraped up by tortilla chips 🙂 then, using a spatula, spread a brick of cream cheese along the bottom. we were worried about there not being much flavor, so i sprinkled taco seasoning all over the cream cheese.

open up a can of chili (i like hormel, they have a great vegetarian and turkey chili), pour and spread it over the cream cheese. sprinkle some taco seasoning if you’d like, i can’t remember if we did or not.

photo credit: AN ;)

photo credit: AN 😉

S grated a block of colby-jack cheese. put as much or as little as you’d like on top. we used almost the entire block and brought the rest in a ziploc bag for nibbling 🙂 sprinkle some additional taco seasoning on top, if you wish.

just cover it with foil or saran wrap, your choice, take it over the the party place and bake it there for a delicious hot dip to eat with tortilla chips 🙂 yum!

recipe for the easiest chili-cheese dip in the world

1 8oz. package of cream cheese (reduced fat or full fat, not fat-free)

1 16oz. can of chili. turkey, veggie, whatever you like  (or homemade. for canned, i prefer Hormel)

1 block of cheese – cheddar, colby-jack, pepper-jack, whatever your heart desires – grated

taco seasoning, if desired.

tortilla chips, for dipping

  1. (optional) grease a round cake pan with a bit of butter
  2. using a spatula, spread the cream cheese along the bottom, season if desired
  3. pour and spread the chili on top of the cream cheese
  4. sprinkle the grated cheese on top, season if desired
  5. bake at 400 degrees for about 15 min or until the top has browned a bit
  6. dip chips and eat!

i will definitely be making this for superbowl! can’t wait to eat it again!