that’s the sound of my stomach. all the time. 🙂 which is why i decided to start this blog! i loove food. cooking it, eating it. however, since i moved to manhattan a year ago, ive probably spent about half of my salary on eating out and exploring the restaurants in the city (not smart) and i never cook at home anymore. when i lived in the south i only ate out on the weekends. i also had an amazing kitchen with lots of space, and now my kitchen is tiny. its still amazing, but tiny.

so the point is… id like to get back into my delicious cooking and only eat out on weekends and special occasions. so here i am, to show you my food adventures. ill post recipes, pics, maybe even videos (maybe.) of things ive made and eaten. yum.

just in case you’re curious, i have a wide range of cooking styles. im indian, so i like to fuse that in whenever i can. i like to look at several different recipes for a dish for inspiration and then create my own version. i dont eat beef or much pork, i HATE bananas, cilantro (yeah yeah i know) and olives. im working on liking olives, but as of right now, ew.

oh, and im not a writer. so hopefully you’ll cut me some slack! 🙂

welcome 🙂 let’s see if i can actually keep up with this thing!